Our Purpose

The August Derleth Society is a non-profit organization formed in the late 1970’s to actively preserve the rich memory of this true renaissance man. Our goal is to encourage the study of August Derleth’s work and to preserve the memory of this Wisconsin writer, publisher, editor, columnist, naturist, environmentalist and teacher. We are dedicated to the prospect of bringing many of Derleth’s beloved titles back into print, as we are witnessing a strong resurgence in reader interest.

As his loyal following and his expansive readership continue to grow, the August Derleth Society remains committed to its purpose to foster ongoing, two-way dialogue, promoting the best aspects of his singular personality, gentle manner, and brilliant mind.

The ADS Newsletter

We recount the many artifacts and anecdotes of Derleth’s life and times in our quarterly newsletter. Co-written with some of Aug’s surviving contemporaries, his loyal readers and newest fans, the articles are carefully selected and edited for your enjoyment. Derleth wrote so much in his lifetime, and it is a joy to continually mine his writings for newsletter material that we’re sure you will find interesting.